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Improve Your Chances of a Dry Commute with Hourly Forecast

hourly forecastThis time of year, the weather is pretty predictable in Seattle. More often than not, it’s gonna rain. Sometimes we get a break from the rain–maybe just a few clouds, maybe even some sun. To help us figure out the best time to head out on our bikes, Tim and I both use the  Hourly Forecast on Continue reading

What’s Your Favorite Seat Cover?

Seat Cover

It’s seat cover weather. This time of year, we always keep one stashed in the FreeLoaders just in case because in all likelihood, it’s going to rain and you’re going to need to cover your seat.  Tim turned me on to the mail order bag variety. They are super bomber, fold down pretty small and last through multiple seasons–you can use them over and over and over.

What’s your favorite seat cover?

Does anyone have a good Snapdeck cover to keep the deck dry so little buns can at least start the ride dry? I usually keep a camp towel in the FreeLoader and give it a quick wipe before the kids hop on but if anyone has a good cover solution, I’d love to hear about it.

– Anne

Enough with the rain, already

Heavy rain in June?We thought we were done with the rain for a few months. After our horrible winter, we thought the worst was over. A few weeks ago it was 90 degrees for a couple of days. We enjoyed some nice evening rides, we got out our window fans, cleaned the deck and stocked the fridge with Mojito supplies. Mmmm–Tim makes a mean mojito.

But we were wrong, so wrong. Friday it was 50 degrees and raining, it even snowed in the mountains a few days ago. I finally had to turn the heat back on because the kids won’t get out of bed in the morning. And our mojito drinking days will have to wait. Continue reading

You know how we said spring had sprung?

Lovin' the Late April Snow

Um…. I think we might have been a bit premature.

I got really wet both directions on Friday. I had rain gear but it was not raining when I left so I thought I’d risk it. On the way home I thought “what are the odds that it will start raining on two trips in a row.” I didn’t think to ask about the odds of snow.

Of course by the time I decided it was probably prudent to gear up, it no longer mattered. It’s only water, right?


Seattle Weather Smackdown: Spring Edition

Spring-Rain-RideWho would have thought—rain, sleet, and snow—all on the same ride? Well, maybe in January, but not on March 26th!

Sheesh, it was a wet, cold, and lonely night out there. Not a bit like last week when I enjoyed a lovely spring ride in the company of a backpack-clad fellow commuter all kitted out in Broadmark Capital gear.

As he spun along on his unencumbered rain bike he couldn’t help but comment on me and my Clampett-size load of crap:

“You sure ride with a lot of stuff.”

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Why Do You Bike Commute? Why Don’t You Bike Commute?

The pile at the door before work

We often get asked why we ride and we occasionally ask others why they do or don’t. Other than the usual (“it’s great exercise!”or “the weather sucks”), our insight into the matter has been lean. One thing I sort of remember from grad school (way back in 2007) is that sample size and makeup play heavily into the data returned by these adhoc surveys. To get better results, we’d need to reach beyond our little-ol’ personal network.

Luckily for us, superstar local bike blogger Kent Peterson has done just that. He invited his rather large readership to answer the why questions, going so far as dedicating a separate post for each. Continue reading

Neighborhoods and Bikes: Wallingford


I had plans to meet my friend at a park in Wallingford the other day. It was a pretty cold day in Seattle – 41 degrees and windy: the weather report said it felt like 28. We were undeterred by the weather, we just bundled up and got ready to go, despite the howling wind. The four-year-old said he felt like a snowman – he could barely move because I put three coats on him.

I had a thermos of hot chocolate and sandwiches for lunch – we were ready to roll. But just as we were walking out the door, my friend called to say they weren’t going to make it. It was too cold and her daughter didn’t want to go (in the CAR!!!). My son doesn’t take well to changes in plans, so we went without them. Our kids are out in the weather all of the time – this is Seattle after all – if you wait for a nice sunny day to go outside, you’ll spend 10 months out of the year indoors. Continue reading



photo credit: Chronanor (

It’s cold in Seattle right now. Not as cold as this, but cold in a windy drizzly Northwest kind of way. The 35-40 degree light rain gets in your bones and leaves you with a chill that won’t quit. We’re still out there riding every day and not suffering too much. We quickly figured out the right layering combo for this weather. We don’t go anywhere without our wool. Not the itchy scratchy irritating kind, but the soft (ahhh), not-at-all itchy Merino variety. Lucky for us, there’s a lot of it on the market right now. Continue reading

Snow Day

Snow Day

We woke to a dusting of snow on the ground and some news that schools were closing because of inclement weather. Unbelievable – I’m sure it was a decision some school administrators felt really silly about less than an hour after they made it – the snow hadn’t even stuck to the street in Seattle! Luckily our school had a scheduled day off so we didn’t have to change our plans for the day. We rode to grandmas house and spent the morning with her. While we were there we got another little dusting – still no big deal but fun nontheless. The three of us rode home through the snow flurries. As we approached the last hill before home, the 7 year old jumped off the bike and decided to run – a break mom always appreciates. It’s amazing what a difference 60 pounds makes. She also gets pretty excited when she beats me up the hill. And this time she got to be the photographer – got some good shots – not bad for a 7 year old.


Seattle Weather Smackdown

View from the bars

So, I haven’t had a real commute in a while. A five-minute bike ride or 15-minute walk to the UW campus doesn’t count. So, when I got a new job I vowed to keep up the carfree style we’ve been working since the summer. It’s still not a major commute — 30 minutes each way via Xtracycle — but most people, certainly, would drive (especially if they have a free, covered, parking garage).

Well, today was my first day. On the way in, I got the typical Seattle misting. Pretty much expected, even though it wasn’t supposed to rain until the afternoon. No biggie.

And the way home?

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