Enough with the rain, already

Heavy rain in June?We thought we were done with the rain for a few months. After our horrible winter, we thought the worst was over. A few weeks ago it was 90 degrees for a couple of days. We enjoyed some nice evening rides, we got out our window fans, cleaned the deck and stocked the fridge with Mojito supplies. Mmmm–Tim makes a mean mojito.

But we were wrong, so wrong. Friday it was 50 degrees and raining, it even snowed in the mountains a few days ago. I finally had to turn the heat back on because the kids won’t get out of bed in the morning. And our mojito drinking days will have to wait.

Tim used his rain gear more last week than he used it all winter. Enough already, I’m ready for some warmer weather.

Carfree days really suck when it’s pissing rain in June.

 – Anne

One response to “Enough with the rain, already

  1. it’s awful isn’t? I guess we won’t get a break until Friday

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