Grab a sitter, Shirley, it’s Pedal Party time!

What, you haven’t been to an afterparty since before you had the kids?

Lucky for you, our buddy Ryan, AKA Go Means Go, is throwing down his  a 3rd-annual Pedal Party, an essential post-Expo opportunity to shed your Cascade-mandated yellow jacket, helmet and clicky shoes to slip into some sexy partywear (or at least some clean skinny jeans with a rolled up right leg) and SHAKE IT.This is an honest-to-goodness grown-up event.: 21+, alcohol, music you don’t recognize, alcohol, and a chance to mix it up with a wide cross-section of the Seattle cycling community (the booty shakers and drinkers, at least).

We’ll probably use it as a covert opportunity to check out the drinking habits of our “competition” for the next 9-5 Solstice Scavenger Hunt (our 3rd annual go at the Ryan-hosted event). As my Mother always said, “it’s never to early to plot a bicycle adversary’s PBR-fueled downfall.”

Childcare not provided.


2 responses to “Grab a sitter, Shirley, it’s Pedal Party time!

  1. Have I told you lately that I think you’re awesome?

  2. Aw shucks, Ryan. Back at ya! Huge bummer for us not to make it — lotta sickness going around — ’cause in my mind there’s nothing better than having Ryan “buy” me a beer — especially one he didn’t have to pay for himself! Next time

    BTW, is your mid-week, slackers-who-can-ride-and-drink-beer-during-the-day-instead-of-going-to-the-office Beer Week ride happening this year?

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