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Look Both Ways

Tip of the day: crossing busy streets with kids

I see a blue oneCrossing a busy arterial with two young riders is sure to rattle any normally calm, cool and collected parent. Many parents simply won’t do it: “Too many busy roads to cross where I live” is one of the most common reasons I hear from parents for why they don’t get around town on bikes with kids.

How do you get everyone across safely and keep what’s left of your sanity? Like everything else in life, it takes lots of practice. And you have to cross many intersections with kids before it becomes second nature.

We cross several of these intersections on a daily basis and have come up with a system that works for all of us and allows for safe crossing. Continue reading

And I’d like that delivered, please….

Carfreedays Dry cleaning delivery service

carfreedays dry cleaning delivery service

our neighbors dry cleaning delivery

our neighbor's dry cleaning delivery service

How does everyone feel about delivery?

In these new fangled modern times you can have just about anything delivered: Thai food, Indian food, groceries, pet food and even dry cleaning. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading

Check out the New Walk Score Site

I first talked about Walk Score back in September. I’m a big fan of the site and think it’s a great tool for motivating people to get out of their cars and walk (or ride) more. When you see all of those businesses within walking distance of your home, how could you not walk to some of them?

The new version has already been covered by Eric de La Place at Siteline. and Aaron at Streetsblog. I don’t have anything new to add to their insightful posts. Just go check it out for yourself. I will say – it’s much improved over the last version.

Have a great weekend.

– Anne

Bike to School Month, Day One

 Bike to School Month Day One

The first day of Bike to School Month went off without a hitch. This morning, my two kids enthusiastically pushed their bikes up all six hills. No complaints. I usually get at least oneten complaints out of the five-year-old. To which I usually reply, “please don’t whine so early in the morning”. I didn’t hear a peep out of him this morning. He even wanted to push his own bike up the hills. Even though we always go to school by human power – we regularly hoof it up the hills or take the Xtracycle, for some reason the kids knew today was special. They got really excited when they saw the first fellow cyclists riding their bikes to school. Their excitement grew as we got closer to school and saw even more cyclists. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to see the one rack and most of the fences and gates surrounding the playground completely packed with bikes. (the most I have ever seen at school).

Great Day. Hopefully the momentum will continue and we’ll see just as many bikers tomorrow and during the coming weeks.

How about you – did you ride to School/Work today?

 – Anne

Neighborhoods and Bikes: Wallingford


I had plans to meet my friend at a park in Wallingford the other day. It was a pretty cold day in Seattle – 41 degrees and windy: the weather report said it felt like 28. We were undeterred by the weather, we just bundled up and got ready to go, despite the howling wind. The four-year-old said he felt like a snowman – he could barely move because I put three coats on him.

I had a thermos of hot chocolate and sandwiches for lunch – we were ready to roll. But just as we were walking out the door, my friend called to say they weren’t going to make it. It was too cold and her daughter didn’t want to go (in the CAR!!!). My son doesn’t take well to changes in plans, so we went without them. Our kids are out in the weather all of the time – this is Seattle after all – if you wait for a nice sunny day to go outside, you’ll spend 10 months out of the year indoors. Continue reading

Family cycling

Bike Portland ponders family cycling  – is it the next big thing?  Way to go, Marion, looks like fun.

Maybe in Portland, but Seattle has a long way to go. I’ve never seen that many bikes at either of my kids’ schools. Our schools are at the top of a hill – so that’s probably why ; – )

 – Anne