Improve Your Chances of a Dry Commute with Hourly Forecast

hourly forecastThis time of year, the weather is pretty predictable in Seattle. More often than not, it’s gonna rain. Sometimes we get a break from the rain–maybe just a few clouds, maybe even some sun. To help us figure out the best time to head out on our bikes, Tim and I both use the  Hourly Forecast on The forecast is usually pretty accurate.  It’s a great tool if you have a little flexibility in your schedule and can choose when to tackle the commute to work or when to run an errand. It will sometimes save you from a soggy ride.

I know, time constraints usually keep us all from finding the ideal time to jump in the saddle and pedal where we need to go. Sometimes you have to be some where and you have to leave now rain or no rain. But if your schedule is at all flexible, add: check hourly forecast to your pre-ride-to-do list.

It just might improve your chances of a dry ride.

(Hey Tim, if you don’t leave the office by 7:00 PM, you’re gonna get soaked.)

– Anne

2 responses to “Improve Your Chances of a Dry Commute with Hourly Forecast

  1. Thanks Anne, that’s as good excuse as any.

  2. Have you tried NOAA? Below is a link to the National Weather Forecast Office main site page for this area, just put SEA in the location box. It is not you normal generic NOAA information. You can receive hourly and multiple day forecast.

    Although I can not change the weather, I can never have enough info.

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