Family cycling

Bike Portland ponders family cycling  – is it the next big thing?  Way to go, Marion, looks like fun.

Maybe in Portland, but Seattle has a long way to go. I’ve never seen that many bikes at either of my kids’ schools. Our schools are at the top of a hill – so that’s probably why ; – )

 – Anne

4 responses to “Family cycling

  1. You should see the steady stream of cars going through our neighborhood to get to the grade school at the top. They do a lollipop route to keep everything moving, but they get bottled up trying to turn back onto the main street.
    I usually leave for work too early to see it, but on the occasions that I don’t, I absolutely love to zip past all the queued-up cars with a smile. There are three spots in the first mile or so where this sort of thing usually happens. I have also zipped up onto the sidewalk while commuting to go around the garbage truck that cars couldn’t get past.
    Ah, fond memories.

  2. Sounds familiar. Our school has a car loop as well – they treat the streets as one ways all the way around the school. When a non-school related car tries to drive down the street the “wrong way” it really messes things up. Not a problem on the bike – I always wave and give big smiles.

  3. Anne,

    I am so inspired by your blog and your journey to less car dependence. Solidarity!!
    Last weekend on a trip to the park, I lost the car key! We had to have our EuroVan towed to the Volkswagen place and order two new electronic keys ( we only had one to begin with.. bad idea). So, we have been carless all week which we didn’t really care about because we don’t use the car during the week anyways. However, on top of the new keys it needs rear and front breaks. The whole bill is $1500.00. Basically the cost of a brand new Xtracycle for my husband… boo hoo

  4. Marion,
    Right back at you! Way to go. We too have a VW (syncro Westy) High Maintenance Vehicles! Ours mostly sits in the driveway making Tim feel guilty about all of the things he needs to fix. I’m just glad we don’t _need_ it. I vote for another xtra – 2 Xtracycles in the family is the way to go.

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