The Year of Living Car-lessly

I discovered Alan Durning’s series last year. It was my inspiration for trying to be less car dependent. When I first started reading it, I told myself, ” I could never do that.” (Insert all excuses here). But I was truly inspired. If their family of five can live without a car, I can certainly live with driving less.

We started small – eliminating un-necessary trips here and there, declaring carfree days once or twice a week, doing all errands on one day to eliminate daily short trips etc.

Then we got the Xtracycles. What a truly revolutionary invention. They have changed everything for us. All kid-and-stuff-hauling related excuses evaporated when they were up and running. Now – we barely drive. Maybe once every 2 weeks. Probably less. We’re hooked – wouldn’t go back. It’s so easy and fun.

Give Alan Durning’s series a read when you have a chance.

– Anne

One response to “The Year of Living Car-lessly

  1. awesome stuff i still own a car im afriad to say but hardly ever drive it, not even the bad weather that we get puts me off commuting to work and shops for small items.

    Although i must confess to still using the car for the big weekly shop. I dont really have any excuse exept for mrs craigd doesnt like to carry alot of things a long distance , which is a very valid point…

    once again awesome work, hope you continue to get fit and save money the same as me

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