Ridin’ home from the soccer party

Our friends at Bikecommuters  recently hosted a great conversation about the excuses people make for not bike commuting. Lots of insight there, especially Val’s thoughts on being an enabler.

We’ve heard it all as well. My favorite is when people see us ride up on our bikes with kids on the back and make excuses as an introduction –  even before the requisite, “Hello, how are ya doin?” 

Last night we rode less than a mile to a soccer party for our six year old. Tim had the 2 pans of enchiladas Anne made strapped to the snap deck , a six pack of Full Sail IPA in the sideloaders, and our daughter sitting behind said enchiladas. It was less than a mile. So what if it was up hill and it rained on the way home …. kids didn’t complain and we had a great time.

We don’t really care if people refer to us as those crazy bike people or those weird people who don’t drive. We’re having a lot of fun.

 – Anne and Tim

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