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Quarterly Stats for December – February

bridge and kayaks and sculls

Thought I’d do a quartlerly winter wrap up (December through January) of our biking and car driving stats. The last time I did this was in November.

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November Stats

I’m into stats. So I thought I’d do a wrap up of our family transportation stats for the month of November:

Total Number of Car Trips – 5

Number of Miles Driven 25.5

Number of car-free days – 25

Longest car-free streak for November – 12 days

Family Record (set in September)22 days

Number of trips to the gas station – 0

Rainy Days in Seattle (According to the National Weather Service)25

Longest Ride with kids – Riding to the Pike Place Market and back the day after Thanksgiving – 12.8 miles

Most memorable ride – To the Arboretum via the center for Urban Horticulture with the kids. Good times. Lots of bird nests spotted.

Ride with the worst weather – Picking up the 4 year old at preschool in a torrential downpour. I couldn’t wait out the rain in my warm, dry house; it was time to get him so I had to go.

Last gas purchase – 8/31/2007

– Anne