November Stats

I’m into stats. So I thought I’d do a wrap up of our family transportation stats for the month of November:

Total Number of Car Trips – 5

Number of Miles Driven 25.5

Number of car-free days – 25

Longest car-free streak for November – 12 days

Family Record (set in September)22 days

Number of trips to the gas station – 0

Rainy Days in Seattle (According to the National Weather Service)25

Longest Ride with kids – Riding to the Pike Place Market and back the day after Thanksgiving – 12.8 miles

Most memorable ride – To the Arboretum via the center for Urban Horticulture with the kids. Good times. Lots of bird nests spotted.

Ride with the worst weather – Picking up the 4 year old at preschool in a torrential downpour. I couldn’t wait out the rain in my warm, dry house; it was time to get him so I had to go.

Last gas purchase – 8/31/2007

– Anne

4 responses to “November Stats

  1. Seems weird to not gas up during an entire month, doesn’t it?
    Have you guys checked out cycling rain capes for the rainy days? If it’s just a misty rain, I’ll skip it, but when it starts coming down, a cape rules.

  2. Yes. Even weirder to go 3 months. I had to look at my visa bill because I couldn’t remember my last trip to the gas station.

    Rain capes would probably be useful – especially on a day like today. Do you have a link to share?


    Reads like a who’s who of old school bike shops. I got mine from Rivendell a few years back.

    I seem to recall Todd from Clever Cycles taking a photo of his son wearing one while on the back of the Xtra. Way too big for him, but perfect since it covered him almost completely, I seem to recall.

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