Quarterly Stats for December – February

bridge and kayaks and sculls

Thought I’d do a quartlerly winter wrap up (December through January) of our biking and car driving stats. The last time I did this was in November.

We have settled into a pretty good groove since starting carfreedays in August. I don’t think we’ll ever be completely car-free, mostly because we just don’t want to (thanks for the phrase, Smudegmo). I think we could live car-free if we wanted to, but for now we’re happy with just driving a lot less than we used to. Baby steps.

We shed our daily driver back in November so we’re down to one vehicle (1987 VW Syncro Westy). We still like to get out of town on occasion and it’s a great road trip vehicle. It sits in our driveway most of the time but it’s available when we want to get out of town. Yes, we could sell the VW van too and just rent a car when we wanted to go somewhere, but for now, we’re keeping it.

 So here you go – our biking, driving and car related stats for December -February (91 days):

  • number of carfree days: 78
  • longest carfree streak: 18 days (January)
  • total number of car trips: 13
    • December = 6
    • January = 3
    • February = 4
  • wool purchased for biking in the winter in Seattle: lots 
  • tanks of gas purchased: 2
  • Biggest load hauled: Anne’s Trader Joe’s run on January 21st
    • 20 days of rain
    • Mean temp = 39.5
    • 4.17 inches of rain 
  • drive of shame: couldn’t motivate the four year old to get ready in time for his soccer class so I drove to Magnason Park less than 2 miles away.
  • Best car trip: Road trip to Portland for the NAHBS.

 Good times.

 – Anne


4 responses to “Quarterly Stats for December – February

  1. Thanks for the inspiring report, and links to associated stories…
    Very nicely put together I think my list of ‘drives of shame would be much longer’.

  2. Anne you and Tim are so inspiring. We also
    went to one car 2 years ago. (1999 Ford Taurus)
    My ride recent ride of shame? Drove from West Seattle, to a Dr.’s appointment on 9th and Terry then on to work, (Queen Ave N &W Galer St)
    because I didn’t want to figure out the bus schedule and/or get up early and ride.

  3. I’m impressed you can keep up the car free days with 2 little ones. Keep up the good work!

    I had a question, it seems you ride in the rain a lot living in Seattle. Do you use anything to water seal the joints of the Xtracycle? I got mine last fall and haven;t ridden it much and not in the rain and was wondering if you had a issue with moisture getting in the tubing?

  4. Thanks for all of the comments. We wouldn’t ride around on our bikes if it wasn’t fun – that’s the key. The biggest bonus for me is I never have to look for parking!

    Dan – Tim sealed the Xtracycle mounts with cut up pieces of inner tube – they slide right over the joints and work great to keep moisture out.

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