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Xtracycle Reader (the video)

2820642182_ae39a4f07cBy now you know that the Car Free Days family isn’t always prompt about posting to our blog. We have the very best intentions to keep it from getting old and moldy, but often life gets in the way and we push those blog updates aside.

We’ve officially taken procrastination to new heights. I’m more than a little bit ashamed to admit that this video edit is almost 4-years in the making: we’ve been saving this un-edited footage since August 2008. I started to edit it a few times but I just never got around to finishing it (kinda like Tim’s plan to finish his kid bike series). Continue reading

Bike Snob in Seattle June 19 @2:00PM

“Elusive blogger”, Eben Weiss, will be at University Book Store on the Ave. this Saturday, June 19th at 2:00 PM to promote his book.

Details from the University Book Store events calendar:

Saturday • June 19 • 2pm
Reading & Book Signing
U District store
In this event benefiting the organization Bike Works (which encourages sustainability and activity in young people by teaching them about cycling), NYC’s elusive blogger BikeSnobNYC will read from his new book and help us out with a raffle of gifts from Knog. Cyclists of Seattle, unite for the event. You have nothing to grease but your chains.

Tim and I (whom Eben would categorize as Mr. and Mrs. “Laden Righteous Cyclist” ) plan to pedal on over and check it out–we hope to see you there too!

– Anne


Xtracycle readers: on the go and home

Some kids watch movies on those ever-so-handy-back-of-the-seat-dvd players, our kids read books on the back of the Xtracycle. Why not? Someone else is “driving”. The Snapdeck is a great place to sit back and enjoy a good book.

Even though the kids have been reading back there for some time and I’ve grown accustomed to the sight,  it still makes me smile. I also chuckle when on-lookers stop and ask, “do you know they’re not holding on back there?”

Yes, I know. Thanks for your concern.

It’s beautiful in Seattle today. We’re going to ride up to the library and checkout some new books.

Have a great weekend!

 – Anne

Getting casual on the Snapdeck

 xtracycle showoff at Flickr

Our kids are so comfortable riding on the Snapdeck, they are getting a little um, casual. Sometimes I feel the weight shift a little and look back and discover them in a different position than when we started our ride. Continue reading