Getting casual on the Snapdeck

 xtracycle showoff at Flickr

Our kids are so comfortable riding on the Snapdeck, they are getting a little um, casual. Sometimes I feel the weight shift a little and look back and discover them in a different position than when we started our ride.

I’m sure some parents would snicker and wag their fingers at us for letting them perform these tricks. We say they are way safer back there than they are in a car. And we think it’s pretty funny. (We only condone the tricks when we’re on non-traffic laden side streets or the BG trail.) Reader at Flickr

Just last week, our daughter read a book while riding on the Snapdeck. She sat back there no–handed and reading away, all the way to the store. I did make her hold on when we bombed down the hill. But otherwise, if she wants to read-while-riding, I say read-on.

 – Anne

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