Xtracycle Reader (the video)

2820642182_ae39a4f07cBy now you know that the Car Free Days family isn’t always prompt about posting to our blog. We have the very best intentions to keep it from getting old and moldy, but often life gets in the way and we push those blog updates aside.

We’ve officially taken procrastination to new heights. I’m more than a little bit ashamed to admit that this video edit is almost 4-years in the making: we’ve been saving this un-edited footage since August 2008. I started to edit it a few times but I just never got around to finishing it (kinda like Tim’s plan to finish his kid bike series).

Liz Canning’s project even inspired me to go through some of our old footage last fall but again I didn’t finish it. (I still owe her some raw video which I promise to get sent off soon!)

Well today is your lucky day.

Since our daughter no longer reads on bikes, and almost exclusively pedals them herself, I thought it was time to do something with this video. So here you go, 4-year-old footage of our then 7-year-old-daughter reading a book while her mom pedals. (Bonus that it’s finished before she went off to college).

(As you can see, she knows when she must hold on and when it’s OK to simply perch between the stoker bars).

 – Anne

5 responses to “Xtracycle Reader (the video)

  1. Love it, I shared it to enlighten!

  2. Anne, I love this video.
    Better late than never, for sure. You two seem so content in this footage. Just right.

  3. This is great Anne, and LCD Soundsystem is a perfect band for biking

  4. I’m really late to see this but this is such a great video! I’ve been perusing your blog as I’ve been reading more about family cargo bike options and I really love all the posts. But this video takes the cake 🙂


    • Thanks! Our kids are too old to ride on cargo bikes much anymore, but we sure had fun when they did!

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog!

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