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What’s Normal?

IMAG0239Yesterday, I got a Zipcar to pick up the 10-year-old at my parents house in the suburbs. On the walk to the Zipcar parking spot, the 8-year old negotiated a chance to play with my phone in the car. His excuse:  “we never ride in cars, won’t you let me play games on your phone while we’re in traffic?”

It’s hard for me to resist that sweet boy at times, and he had a point, we would be stuck in traffic for awhile.

Later I found it kind of interesting that while playing with the phone, he chose to snap this photo to document something that seemed odd from his perspective: his mom at the wheel of an automobile. Continue reading

Pacific NW Per-Capita Gas Use Down to 1966 Levels

Gas Consumption is DownAccording to the Sightline institute, gas consumption is down in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington and Idaho. For more stats and details, read the full report.)  In terms of weekly gasoline consumption per person, Oregon and Washington are in the top 10 least consuming states (Washington D.C. actually leads the pack.)

This is good news–way to go northwesterners, but don’t go celebrating just yet.

Our total consumption, keeping pace with population growth, has not dropped. Per-captia we still consume more gas than a handful of states including New York, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Alaska, Utah, Illinois and Pennsylvania. And compared against the world, the report reminds us we still have a long way to go:

Despite recent reductions, northwesterners still consume prodigious amounts of gasoline. Daily consumption in the Northwest states remains nearly twice as high as the global average for high-income countries. 

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16-year-olds Not Rushing to the DMV

Apparently driving is too dangerous and expensive for 16-year-olds to get their licenses as soon as they are eligible these days. State laws restricting driving, rising insurance costs, expensive driving schools, and safety are all reasons teens are waiting to drive according to the New York Times article run in the Business section last week.

“The national rate of licensed 16-year-olds dropped to 29.8 percent in 2006 from 43.8 percent in 1998, according to the Federal Highway Administration.”

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Was _Your_ Driver’s License Revoked?

UNdrivers license from the Ballard Sustainability Festival Sept 07

We were recalling a comment from Patrick, a reader in the Chicago area on some of the remarks he hears when cycling as part of his job:

Anyway, I am a realtor and you should see some of the looks I get pulling up on a bike to show a property! I usually have to explain this is a choice and not due to some court imposed lack of a car…

It got me thinking — I hear some strange stuff, too. Normally, I’m one of those wise ass types who wouldn’t let a mean comment go unpunished, but these days I’m just so busy with our unofficial “cycling rules; join us” PR campaign that I usually don’t let my snarky side out — at least to their faces. Continue reading