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Check out Davey’s Blog

IMG_3301One of our favorite bikers in Seattle has become a family biker and he now has a new blog. And I must say, he’s on fire. Davey is single-handedly putting us old and lazy bloggers to shame. I love his writing and his playful humor, be sure to start at the beginning.

We always enjoy running into Davey on the road. He takes the time to stop, say hello, chat for a bit and share funny stories. I leave these impromptu meet-ups with a smile on my face and just a little more hope for humanity. Davey is good people. Continue reading

Hey Anne and Tim, can we have a new post?

Bikes and mud pits

Dear Anne and Tim,

What’s the deal with your blog? We used to get all kinds of information about riding as a family from Carfreedays, but you haven’t updated your blog since May. What gives? Are you all done? Did you run out of things to say? Left the country?


Your faithful readers

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