Hey Anne and Tim, can we have a new post?

Bikes and mud pits

Dear Anne and Tim,

What’s the deal with your blog? We used to get all kinds of information about riding as a family from Carfreedays, but you haven’t updated your blog since May. What gives? Are you all done? Did you run out of things to say? Left the country?


Your faithful readers

Dear Imaginary Reader (assuming you’re still there),

It’s not you, it’s us.

The truth is, after 4 years of riding and writing, we got a little bored of ourselves. Who wants to hear about riding to the grocery store one more time? Or going on a carfree date? We’ve been riding as we always have, we just stopped documenting all of it.

The problem with the blah is that even when we did something a little more adventurous, we were far enough away from the habit of blogging, we didn’t make the effort to write.

For example:

  • We sold our car back in February (we really are car free now) and ride everywhere. That probably deserved a mention.
  • We spent an awesome weekend with Totcycle‘s Kim and Julian in Portland last June (4 Bromptons,4 adults, Amtrak and 0 children). Kid free bike event of the year. And we still didn’t bother to write one word about it.
  • Tim has made some fun upgrades to the bikes that he’d like to share with you (can you say bamboo and shellac attack?)
  • and he still has the kid bike series to finish

We’re coming up on our four-year blogging anniversary and we’ve realized we just aren’t ready to walk away from it.

So stay tuned, we promise we’ll do better. We don’t know what better is just yet, but we feel like we could still share a few things that might make your riding lives more enjoyable (or entertaining)

Anne and Tim

9 responses to “Hey Anne and Tim, can we have a new post?

  1. YAY!

    Looking forward to reading anything you guys write.

  2. Welcome back!
    Whatever you decide to share will always be welcome –

  3. Amen from your brother and sister in blogging blah!

  4. I enjoy The flickr photostream. It seems to be Updated more often. Perhaps just posting a photo with a one line caption would be good for the blog and you could be creative (as I’ve seen you do before in your photography) and that might ge you out of blogging blah!

    Also, I enjoyed the kid written blogs. Perhaps more of those will be to come as they get older. Had them a camera on a trip and they can document things seen by bike (I always see more biking than driving)

    3rd idea for a cure for blogging blah…comes from the bring your own helment entry. It might be neat to have sine of your non-carfree and carfree friends and family write about their thoughts of you family’s transformation to carfree. I’m sure they have something to share.

    Anyways…. Looking forward to what ever you post and I always check your flickr.

    – Matthew
    San Antonio, Tx

  5. *You* may be bored… but your avid readers aren’t 😛 🙂

  6. Thanks all! We promise the intent of this post was *not* to fish for compliments. 🙂 The truth is, we’ve been so ashamed that we haven’t posted and it just got worse as the non-post days flew by! Regular posting is definitely better for us.

    @ Matthew – great ideas! I love them all.

  7. super glad you’re still out there. I loved reading your posts. You’re better then Ron & I, 5 bicycles, but we still have a car. Just came back from PDX. (We went via Amtrak and of course bicycles) Just finished reading Mia Burke’s “Joyride”. Have you ever considered riding “BridgePedal”? It’s on the 14th of Aug., in Portland. Take care!

  8. Hey so glad to hear that! I’ve missed you guys.

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