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IMG_3301One of our favorite bikers in Seattle has become a family biker and he now has a new blog. And I must say, he’s on fire. Davey is single-handedly putting us old and lazy bloggers to shame. I love his writing and his playful humor, be sure to start at the beginning.

We always enjoy running into Davey on the road. He takes the time to stop, say hello, chat for a bit and share funny stories. I leave these impromptu meet-ups with a smile on my face and just a little more hope for humanity. Davey is good people.

These days Davey often has an adorable passenger on board. She’s a whip-smart and very observant little one and she just may pay you a random compliment. (I got, “nice boots!” the last time we ran into them):

Often, we’ll be creeping along in downtown traffic and she’ll just start calling out to pedestrians,

“Nice hat!”

“Nice ‘brella!”

“Nice mustache!”

“Nice, nice… Nice people!”

The first time she can’t decide what to compliment a stranger on, she’ll settle on “Nice people,” and from then on it’s “Nice People!” for the rest of the ride.

Nice people.

She’s got that right…nice people for sure!

Check out their blog and be sure to join their passenger panda flickr group. (If you don’t know about pandas, read this post and then start taking photos!)

 – Anne

3 responses to “Check out Davey’s Blog

  1. wow! Thanks for the link, Anne! and the kinds words. Car Free Days inspires me all the time.
    You are Nice People.

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