Happy New Year (and top ten list)

2011 Xtracycle Tree Haulin FamilyAll of us at Car Free Days would like to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope for   all the best in 2012.

And while we’re not big on resolutions, we do like stats and top 10 lists.

For your reading pleasure, Car Free Days top 10 posts (with the most page views) of 2011.

10. Brompton: It’s a Utility Bike (Oct 2011)

9.  Building a Kids Bike that doesn’t suck: The Mt. bike frame (Dec 2008)

8. About Car Free Days (Aug 2007)

7. Xtracycle Stoker Stems (Nov 2007)

6. RIP: Val Kleitz helped us all stay “rubber side down” (Aug 2011)

5. Ten Days with the Madsen Kg271 Bucket Bike (May 2009)

4. Kona Ute: Poor Choices at a Good Price (March 2008)

3. Kids’ Bikes: They suck and what you can do about it (Dec 2008)

2. Hey fixie hipster trick bike riders: You’ve been schooled! (Aug 2009)

……and the post with the most views in 2011:

our (first) Xtracycle on the road! (Aug 2007)

Cheers! and Happy New Year!
 – Anne and Tim

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