Bikes carrying skis

Tim's ski shuttle

Tim makes hauling large items look so easy

We’re all ready for the big snow this weekend. Picked up my new, fat, freshly mounted tele skis this afternoon, got our Zipskicar reserved,Zip ski carand have been obsessively checking the snow report.

Hopefully those weather people aren’t wrong because we’re all ready to go!

Have a good weekend!

 – Anne

One response to “Bikes carrying skis

  1. Andy "Smitty" Schmidt

    You guys are an inspiration. Not just in a ski or tree hauling sort of way. It’s bigger than that… today we watched our car roll out of the driveway driven by it’s new owner. We’re now a car free family. We weren’t sure if it’d be scary or liberating. So far so good. Now I suppose zipcar and bromptons are in our future.

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