Our (first) Xtracycle on the road!

family on the new xtracycle

Finished Anne’s xtracycle today (actually VERY early this morning, but who’s keeping track?). We are pretty psyched. The kids are digging it already — it’s gone to the store, Grandma’s, and swim lessons.

We still have some finishing touches:

  • rigid fork on order
  • A cushier, upright seat needed
  • Albatross bars on order
  • curvier stoker bars coming (Nitto swept-backs)
  • Some smooth fat rubber (well, I wanted 2.3 but I don’t think they’ll fit the skinny Rolf wheels)

But all in all, this thing is cool. Mine is next!


11 responses to “Our (first) Xtracycle on the road!

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  2. How do you get on with the suspension on the front?

    I tend to carry fairly heavy loads on mine & found that the brake dive and adjusting for light loads and heavy was a pain.

  3. Hey Joe – thanks for the comment. You know, we _planned_ to switch out Anne’s bike to a ridgid fork just as soon as we could find something that fit her 100mm travel frame that either didn’t weigh more than the shock (a problem with the surly) and didn’t cost a fortune.

    In the meantime, Anne sort of got used to it. It’s set pretty tension-wise, with lots of rebound. At this point I don’t know if we’ll change it. She’s pretty n0-fuss, no-muss and says she’s fine with it and doesn’t need a change — personally I think she likes the squishy so that her Oma seems sporty by comparison — so the Manitou might be here for the long haul.

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  5. So late to comment, but are you still enjoying the longbike? I’m concerned the tike’s handlebars aren’t far back enough to be comfortable.

    Thanks, neat picture.

    • Hey Dave. Yes! Take a look at some newer posts. That photo was taken on our very first ride. We’ve since upgraded the stoker handle bar (among other things).

  6. Thanks Anne! I did look ahead and noticed the newer mods you did. I may be taking the plunge very soon for commuting with my 6yr old. She’s really petit. Should work well.

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