Please Stand with Haiti

*updated with cider stand info below:

Thanks to Tom of Bikejuju for raising awareness of  the situation in Haiti and  specifically promoting Paul Farmer‘s Partners In Health (PIH) and their Stand with Haiti campaign as a worthy place for donations.

When I was in graduate school and working in an undergraduate library, “Mountains Beyond Mountains”  by Tracy Kidder was the  required “Common Book ” for all UW freshman. Me, as a good librarian, and Anne as a member of the extended campus community, chose to read along. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves touched deeply by the story of  Haiti, Farmer, and his organization PIH.

But days slip by and suddenly it’s three years later. Though our initial intentions to somehow do something were genuine, we truthfully haven’t thought much about Haiti in the past couple years.

That is, until the earthquake. When deciding how to help, we considered giving to Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, the Red Cross, and others. Yet, in our minds, the connection between us, Farmer, and Haiti remained.

We wanted to contribute to his organization because we felt we knew something about the work they did. But did we? Was Partners in Health a Worthy cause or were were reacting to our memories of the book? Would a small org be a good choice or should we just joint the hordes and give to the Red Cross?

As many Bikejuju readers already know, Tom works for an organization which provides health and education services in developing countries. Today he posted a recommendation to support PIH that we feel both validated our choice and is worthy of your consideration. Though I don’t normally copy the bulk of someone’s post, I think in this case you, and Tom, will understand. His brevity and clarity don’t require embellishment from me:

This isn’t a bike post. This is a simple request that you pitch in. I have selected Partners in Health as the medical organization I think is the best recipient of your support at this time. They have operated in Haiti for over 20 years, are fully equipped at multiple sites, operate with low administrative costs, and are scaling up very rapidly on the ground. I have visited their main hospital site in Cange (featured in the book Mountains Beyond Mountains), and I know the quality of their work first hand.

-Bike juju

Carfree Kids want to help out

When we told the kids about the situation in Haiti, they wanted to do something. After kicking around numerous ideas , some practical, some not, they’ve decided to host a seasonally adjusted lemonade stand (ie, hot cider) fundraiser at Greenlake this weekend with all proceeds/donations going to to PIH and Haiti.

So, if you are out and about, stop by for a warm up! We expect we’ll be loading up the Xtracycles with the Coleman stove, table, donation jar, signage, a big pot, and lots of cider Saturday morning and heading to the souteast side of the lake. With luck we’ll garner the morning walker crowd before they blow their cash on after-stroll lattes.

We’ll update the post with final time/location. Sunday is our backup option in case Saturday is so rainy the walkers stay away.

updated: The plan is to set up and start heating the apple cider around 10am on the SE side of the lake (north of the crew/boat house/amphitheater, near the restroom). Watch for the Xtracycles and happy kids with tasty cider. We should be there for about 2 hours or until we exhaust the cider supply.

Update 2: Cider stand was a big hit. We collected $433.85 and donated that amount directly to PIH (via on the web today. Weather permitting (it’s supposed to pour which would really cut into the walker traffic) we’ll be back there tomorrow (Sunday). Thank you Seattle for your support!

Please do whatever you can to Stand with Haiti!


Creative Commons /flickr photos: Haitian Flag by Carrib and Hot Cider by Elana’s Pantry

12 responses to “Please Stand with Haiti

  1. Thanks for the recommendation Tim – donation sent!

  2. Thanks Tim. I love your fundraiser idea.

  3. Hi,

    Would love to post about the hot cider stand on My Green Lake! Drop us a line with the final details once you have a time and place worked out.

    What a great idea!

    my green lake

  4. Love it. We can bring Mighty-Os if it’s tomorrow … if you need a cooler for anything the Madsen bucket full of ice is all yours!

  5. Thanks for the enthusiasm, folks. If the weather reports are to be believed, it looks like we’ll have a dryish first half of the day.

    Our plan is set up around 10 and start heating up the cider. We expect to be on the SE side of the lake (north of the crew/boat house/amphitheater, near the restroom).

    Watch for the Xtracycles or catch the fresh scent of hot apples and cinnamon! We’ll probably stick around until noon or until the cider runs out.

    Come on by!

  6. If I could buy a mug of cider virtually, I would. I so admire that you had this conversation with your kids and then developed an action, a response, together to do somethig. We can sit and listen to the news and look at pictures and can feel incredibly sad and helpless. While I suspect we all still may feel incredibly sad , some real action combates the helplessness.

  7. Hi Sara – you are welcome to donate virtually by visiting — add a little cinnamon and some misty fog and it will be just like being there!

  8. I love that your kids are engaged with the world around them and want to do this. Kudos to them and definitely to the two of you for setting such a good example!

    Each dollar really does make a real difference – keep up the great work!!

    • Hi Angie – So true that every dollar makes a difference. Today we raised another $475.34 and the majority of the people contributed $1

      ….sure does illustrate the power of community.

  9. you and Anne should be proud of your children.
    I was disgusted when I read in Huffington that the Ceo’s of Visa, Mastcard & Discover are going to skim 3% of of all credit card donations to Haiti. It’s outrageous!

    • Marge…the greed in the financial industry is unbelievable.

      I also read that donations made through cell phone companies (via texting) could take 3 months to be delivered to charities!

      I’m sure Haiti will still need money in 3 months, but that’s still a long time.

  10. Tim,
    Thanks for this post. I taught with Pathologies of Power a few years ago and was also inspired by Paul Farmer’s work. I was feeling overwhelmed by where to donate, and your reminder got me moving. We sent a donation to Partners in Health this evening. Your cider stand is inspiring– I hope to raise Jasper to be as engaged and aware of the world.

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