New Car-free School in Milton, Ontario

Walking to SchoolIf you think car-free schools aren’t possible in North America.  Think again.

P.L. Robertson elementary in Milton, ON (a suburb of Toronto)  just opened this month with a car-free drop off policy.  And they didn’t just create a policy in their school operation manual, they also designed a car-free process to back it up.

How in the H E double hockey sticks did they do that? Don’t they know it’s the middle of winter? They live in Canada….it’s cold outside?

Car-free drop off is possible. I guess it takes passion, a principal to provide leadership and a staff and parent community that are dedicated to make the program successful. In my humble opinion, the passionate principal providing leadership is the key ingredient.

I won’t regurgitate the article here, you can hop on over and read it for yourself. But kudos to them.

Any one else know if any car-free schools in North America?

(via Free Range kids)

– Anne


4 responses to “New Car-free School in Milton, Ontario

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  2. Does OPEC know about this??? Good luck getting funding for those tire swings…..

  3. milton is not a suburb of toronto!!

    • Thanks for the correction.

      Wikipedia calls it part of the “Greater Toronto Area” and since it’s 40 Km from Toront0, it meets my definition of a suburb.

      If not a suburb, how would you define Milton?

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