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New Car-free School in Milton, Ontario

Walking to SchoolIf you think car-free schools aren’t possible in North America.  Think again.

P.L. Robertson elementary in Milton, ON (a suburb of Toronto)  just opened this month with a car-free drop off policy.  And they didn’t just create a policy in their school operation manual, they also designed a car-free process to back it up.

How in the H E double hockey sticks did they do that? Don’t they know it’s the middle of winter? They live in Canada….it’s cold outside? Continue reading


Please Stand with Haiti

*updated with cider stand info below:

Thanks to Tom of Bikejuju for raising awareness of  the situation in Haiti and  specifically promoting Paul Farmer‘s Partners In Health (PIH) and their Stand with Haiti campaign as a worthy place for donations.

When I was in graduate school and working in an undergraduate library, “Mountains Beyond Mountains”  by Tracy Kidder was the  required “Common Book ” for all UW freshman. Me, as a good librarian, and Anne as a member of the extended campus community, chose to read along. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves touched deeply by the story of  Haiti, Farmer, and his organization PIH. Continue reading

Biking to School…Without Parents

biking to schoolI spent two fantastic days in Marin, CA this week visiting with old friends and hanging out with their families. Just north of San Francisco, Marin is the epitome of car culture with traffic jams, packed parking lots and streets clogged with luxury cars.

At least they are doing something right with the kids: they get to school on bikes. Continue reading