Xtracycle Shuttle Service

IMG_0557Since the kids were out of school today we decided to spend the day at the Science Center. The Science Center is in the middle of Seattle Center on Lower Queen Anne,  six miles from our house and just a little too far for me to haul both kids on the Xtracycle.

One fifty–pound passenger is completely doable. Add another and they eventually get bored and pick fights with each other. No fun for anyone. Especially not the pilot.

Usually, when I travel distances over three to four miles with both kids, I take the bus. But after days and days of fog in Seattle, the sun finally appeared and it was beautiful. I just couldn’t bring myself to load everyone on the stinky bus for the 30 minute ride.

I really wanted to ride my bike.


So I came up with a solution that worked for all of us. Since Tim works close to Seattle Center, I conned him into being my personal Xtracycle shuttle service.

Tim hauled the five– year–old to Seattle Center and then went on to work. The kids and I did the  Science Center thing for a few hours and gave Tim (our shuttle) a call when we were done. He arrived, loaded up the five– year–old and rode him to the top of the Eastlake hill. Tim turned around and went back to work and I took both kids on my bike the rest of the way home: it’s mostly downhill and flat from Eastlake to our house.

Xtracycle Passenger Panda

Thanks Tim, we appreciate you!

– Anne

2 responses to “Xtracycle Shuttle Service

  1. Right on! I keep telling folks that using a bike for everyday transportation is more a matter of logistics and planning that athletic ability, and you have just given us yet another wonderful example (not that I would ever want to underestimate your athletic ability – or Tim’s).

  2. Sounds like a fun day. I visited Seattle a few months ago and cannot imagine having to work around those hills – with a Dutch bike or xtracycle and children, no less. Good work!

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