Hood Ornaments

Hood OrnamentMy 8– year–old daughter thought the chick riders in our family should have matching hood ornaments for our bikes. She wanted to give our bikes a feminine touch to show our “girl power” and differentiate ourselves from the boys. She offered up a couple of her old Polly Pocket dolls for the project and we zip tied them to our handlebars.

I think the handlebar chicks add a nice touch.  We can even change their outfits according to the season. I love to look down while I’m pedaling along and see the wind whipping through my doll’s hair, makes me crack a smile.

– Anne

Hood Ornament

6 responses to “Hood Ornaments

  1. Pure comedy…..I love the thought of simple little things you forget about but every now and then glance at and just smile…

  2. That’s so funny! Polly’s got the perfect biking wardrobe – stylish, stretchy and waterproof! Can’t wait to show this to my daughter.

  3. That’s cute! I have a little stuffed snowman on my bike, but the doll’s even better.

  4. Thanks! The eight year old gets all the credit. She’s much more girly than me ; – ) – Anne

  5. Nice idea. I espect if my boys see it they’ll want a dinosaur on each bike. Or a fireman.

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