First Ride on the Girlfriend Rack

Tim riding the Oma

He kicked me off when we got to the hill

Girlfriend Panda

Girlfriend Panda

I pedaled down to Lower Queen Anne today and met Tim for lunch. Instead of making the trek to the restaurant on foot, we took my bike.

I let Tim pilot since I’ve been looking for an excuse to take a ride on the girlfriend rack.  Super fun. Tim reports that the Oma handles way better with a passenger on the back than the Xtracycle. He was even able to take some Panda shots while he was riding. And I managed to do the jump-on with out tipping us over. Now that’s stability! The Oma was made for carrying a friend.

Happy January!

– Anne

10 responses to “First Ride on the Girlfriend Rack

  1. Envy, Envy here. My Dutch bike got me to work… but its’ been snowing and blowing since then and it’s 12 and dropping… so it’ll be the bus home. Oh, to see bare pavement!

  2. Fun!! I wonder if I could convince my husband to ride on the girlfriend rack while I drive 🙂

  3. Is that a Wald basket on your front rack? I’ve been looking for something big and sturdy enough for mine, but so far haven’t found anything.

  4. xiousgeonz,

    I hear ya about the bare pavement. We had some snow in December and I was so glad to see it melt.

    lgrb –

    I’ve ridden Tim on my Xtracycle, I guess I should try the Oma next.

    Yes – it is a Wald basket. Tim painted it red. It’s the perfect size – I can carry quite a bit with it.


  5. Oh, yeah…. I’ll totally take a ride!

    Though I wonder if the rack can hold me. I think 100 kilos+ is probably pushing the weight limit of the rack.

  6. I’ll see if Julie will be my girlfriend and we’ll cruise out for dinner next week.

  7. Of course, you can just throw Julie in that big wheelbarrow thing of yours.

    And while you’re at it, maybe I can try riding on _your_ bike’s girlfriend rack, David. That way if it breaks you can just warranty it for yourself!

  8. Going Dutch has its benefits 😉

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