This just in: January 1 Cargo Bike Ride is on!

2008 Opening Day Ride

We just received word from the Grand Pallet of Cargo Bikes, Val. The traditional Seattle Cargo Bike Opening Day Ride is a go:

Yep, this has to be the shortest notice ever, but it’s on for 1/1/09. Meet at noon at Greenlake, cruise to Golden Gardens, and light some fires to celebrate the new season.

These winter cargo bike events are as much about standing around eating, drinking, and telling lies (“so there I was riding down 5th Ave and that damn SLUT pulled out in front of me. I was fully loaded down—I had just picked up a an old toilet, two double-hung windows, and 10 gallons of paint from Second Use in South Park—and wasn’t sure I could stop in time. So I did what any Xtracycle rider would do—I took a deep breath and bunny-hopped the mofo while flashing a big smile to the driver and tourists as I cleared the roof”…) as they are about actual riding.

So plan to dress warm, bring some hearty food (expect flames of some kind for heating food and souls), your preferred beverage(s), and your sparkling personality. Heck, last year folks enjoyed a Christmas tree bonfire on the beach; you could even bring your tree if so inclined.

To get a feel for the event, check out our photos from last year. The crowd had planned to be on our way out of town the morning of the 1st, but this event is forcing us to revisit our plans: we hope to stick around and at least make ride (though we may have to save the food and the lies for next time.

Hope to see you there!


Edit: PS: Last year we met near the pool/community center — right by the outdoor basketball courts on the Gregg’s Greenlake Cycles side of the lake. I’m guessin’ that’s where we’ll gather again.

6 responses to “This just in: January 1 Cargo Bike Ride is on!

  1. Update: Carl will be there with Swiss Army Bike and pot bellied stove! Huzzah for the stove and New Year’s warmth!

  2. Hi! Do you know where everyone will be meeting at Greenlake?

  3. This might finally be my holiday to join you! I’m assuming maybe the community center/pool as a place to meet up??

  4. Yep.. sorry about that Janet and Brian. Last year we met by the basketball courts/community center area. Hope to see you there.

  5. Excellent idea. I wonder if such a thing exists locally… time to do som Google time methinks.

  6. Sorry this took so long; pictures here: Thanks to all!

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