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Hood Ornaments

Hood OrnamentMy 8– year–old daughter thought the chick riders in our family should have matching hood ornaments for our bikes. She wanted to give our bikes a feminine touch to show our “girl power” and differentiate ourselves from the boys. She offered up a couple of her old Polly Pocket dolls for the project and we zip tied them to our handlebars.

I think the handlebar chicks add a nice touch.  We can even change their outfits according to the season. I love to look down while I’m pedaling along and see the wind whipping through my doll’s hair, makes me crack a smile.

– Anne

Hood Ornament


Xtracycle Shuttle Service

IMG_0557Since the kids were out of school today we decided to spend the day at the Science Center. The Science Center is in the middle of Seattle Center on Lower Queen Anne,  six miles from our house and just a little too far for me to haul both kids on the Xtracycle.

One fifty–pound passenger is completely doable. Add another and they eventually get bored and pick fights with each other. No fun for anyone. Especially not the pilot.

Usually, when I travel distances over three to four miles with both kids, I take the bus. But after days and days of fog in Seattle, the sun finally appeared and it was beautiful. I just couldn’t bring myself to load everyone on the stinky bus for the 30 minute ride.

I really wanted to ride my bike. Continue reading

First Ride on the Girlfriend Rack

Tim riding the Oma

He kicked me off when we got to the hill

Girlfriend Panda

Girlfriend Panda

I pedaled down to Lower Queen Anne today and met Tim for lunch. Instead of making the trek to the restaurant on foot, we took my bike.

I let Tim pilot since I’ve been looking for an excuse to take a ride on the girlfriend rack.  Super fun. Tim reports that the Oma handles way better with a passenger on the back than the Xtracycle. He was even able to take some Panda shots while he was riding. And I managed to do the jump-on with out tipping us over. Now that’s stability! The Oma was made for carrying a friend.

Happy January!

– Anne