Second Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin’

Xtracycle Tree Haulin 2008We pedaled up to the local tree lot over the weekend and picked up our Christmas tree. Although the novelty of hauling a large tree by bike has faded a bit, it was still pretty satisfying to pull up to the tree lot on our bikes, park right in front, choose our 6′ Noble fir, strap it to Tim’s bike with very little effort, and pedal home. No drama, no fuss, no big deal.

Xtracycle Tree Haulin 2008

Well, I shouldn’t say no big deal. The ride home was a bit hairy–the combination of icy roads and aggressive Sunday drivers made the ride home a little less carefree than we’d hoped.

We made it home without incident and still think that all in all Xtracycle–tree–transport is the way to go.

More holiday photos here

Happy Holidays!

– Anne

15 responses to “Second Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin’

  1. Looks cold.

  2. It was, but we were well dressed. No real complaining from the kids (about the cold, everyone had complaints about tree choices) — though the oldest probably learned a lesson about snowball fights and wet gloves right before a bike ride.

  3. If you folks do the flickr thing, please add your photos to our holiday bikes group– other xmas tree haulers abound.

  4. you bet. We added a couple. Thanks for the invite.

  5. Do you all have a recommendation for kids goggles. I have a couple kids that ride on my x and I’m sure they would appreciate some.

  6. Hi Daniel — these are just some Smith Jr. Ski goggles. The kids started skiing last year and we purchased them in the spring for $10 or so…

    They cost a bit more right now, but you can find a deal — Sierra Trading post has some Giro youth goggles for $15 and Campmor has some for $13-14.

    The oldest is a bit too cool to use them for riding, but the youngest loves ’em.

  7. Excellent, now I know I can haul a tree with an Xtra.

    BTW, the snapdeck in the picture liiks like it’s been treated for weather. How did you do this without ruining the logo?

  8. Hi Andy — the snapdecks are coated with polyurethane — maybe two or three coats. In between one of the coats I put down a thin coat of shellac to warm up the color of the snapdeck with the idea of having it better match the cork. More on that here.

    I’ve said a number of times that I wished Xtracycle would sell a decal with the logo/stripes so you could easily finish a snapdeck with whatever you want, but so far I’ve not seen it.

  9. Thanks for the tip- so didn’t you sand it first?

  10. I did it when it was still new. The first time I tried it I put too much shellac on and it got sticky. I had to sand that off — it was a balancing act to get enough of the gunky shellac off but not sand off the painted logo.

    If your snapdeck is already darkened/weathered I think sanding (and losing the logo) is your only option.

    Give me a yell if you have more questions.


  11. Thanks- it’s pretty new as well, so I think I can do that…

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  13. “No drama, no fuss, no big deal.”

    I like that. I’ve reached the point where I feel confident that any, yes, ANY load of groceries will fit on my Xtracycle– and whatever combination of thriftstore purchases, too!

    I do still feel a self-consciousness when loading my bike, though– that even if I don’t care how long it takes to figure out how to load my bike, I try really hard to do it quickly and smoothly, with my audience in mind.

    Funny thing is–

    it usually is quick and smooth. 😉

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