Eighth-Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin! (plus retrospective)

Tree and bikes_DSC8679 (Large)This is our obligatory eighth-annual Christmas tree by bike post. Tree-hauling is old hat by now, but I thought I’d post some photos of this year’s adventure anyway. You might remember that last year our daughter hauled the tree. When we discussed who would pedal the tree home this year, I realized I’d never done it. How did I pass on all of those tree-hauling opportunities over the years? Naturally I volunteered for the task.

bikesAs we were prepping to leave for the tree lot, I strung lights through the baskets, Snapdecks and frames on four of our bikes. I lit up my commuter bike for our daughter to ride, since it was already out, and it fits her! No saddle-height-adjustment needed!

We used to come up with all sorts of custom rigging and strapping options to carry the tree home, but two years ago we gave in and let Hunter’s bundle the tree. This means that instead of wrestling with rope and straps and whacky balance issues, the slender, nearly eight-foot tree can fit easily into the Xtracycle Freeloader bags.  We just had to throw a foam wedge between the bag and the tree to lever the trunk out far enough to allow for pedal clearance. Easy peasy.

family and tree_DSC8705 (Large)

A few more photos of the tree hauling adventure:

I got the tree_DSC8709 (Large)basket full o spirit_DSC8706 (Large)

rolling out_DSC8726 (Large)

Heading home_DSC8731 (Large)

Once’s again, I’m recycling our tree-hauling photo retrospective from years past. Because I can. And the early photos are so darn cute.

Year One: 2007, look how little!


Year Two: 2008, a dusting of snow


Year Three: 2009, the year we froze

Xtracycle Tree Haulin 2009

Year Four: 2010, the year it rained a lot

2010 Xtracycle Tree Haulin

Year Five:  2011, kids on their own bikes!


Year Six: 2012, looking so grown up!


Year Seven: 2013, Kids hauling trees. (She’s almost as tall as me)


This Mad Max-inspired tree hauling photo from 2008 is still one of the most-viewed photos in our Flickr stream. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. 3109775332_15031be858

Happy Holidays, everyone. Looking forward to checking out your tree-hauling adventures.

– Anne and Tim

4 responses to “Eighth-Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin! (plus retrospective)

  1. time flys.. they all grown up. pretty soon Anne, she will be borrowing your clothes.love the pictures.
    Marge Evans

    • Thanks Marge! Time really does fly, we’re holding tight to all of these memories. So much fun. (She can’t quite borrow my clothes/shoes yet and that’s OK, I’m far too unhip for her taste anyway) ; )

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  3. Kids grown up, no tree for us any more. But I went to Hunter’s to take photos for my blog article about them on Wedgwood in Seattle History.

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