Holiday Shopping for Kids

exercise-bike-for-kidsAfter a nice string of crisp fall weather, the rain and wind returned to Seattle this morning. We donned rain coats and brought along the trusty umbrella for our walk to school this morning.

Who wants to walk and ride bikes in the rain, anyway?  Instead, I’m thinking we’ll forget about getting the kids outside for exercise this winter and buy them a few of these lovely contraptions this holiday season. This exercise bike even comes with an interactive video game. The best thing is we can buy one at Tim’s favorite store.

The product tester pretty much summed it up:

“I thought, having raised three boys, that the kids would have been more attracted to this one,” Ms. Edwards said of this fitness product that enticed kids into exercising on a stationary bike through the use of an interactive video game. “But, for whatever reason, it wasn’t working. When they watched the video screen, they weren’t pedaling.”

Hmmm, that’s strange, I wonder why they didn’t pedal?

– Anne

7 responses to “Holiday Shopping for Kids

  1. It took me a minute or so to realize to get the joke.

  2. Correction: It took me a minute or so to get the joke.

  3. Sungsu

    Yes, it’s a joke. We’re just a tad sarcastic in our family ; – )


  4. Brilliant! Just the thing until they’re big enough for one of these: Have they come out with a biking game for Wii yet?

  5. But wait- that’s just what so many parents want- the kids exercise, but don’t go out on the streets. All the benefits and none of the danger…

    Should I mention that the child in the picture isn’t wearing a helmet?

  6. you know its not fun when they couln’t even get the kid in the add to smile

  7. In a similar vein, have you seen the adult exercise bikes that have a video screen that offers several routes/courses to choose from? You can even race your buddies sitting next to you in the gym. It’s almost as fun as riding outside. NOT!

    I have the same thought about this product.

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