Val thinks you really need to see this

Val, our cargo bike mentor, sent us this video yesterday saying it was the best safety video ever. The black light hot pants are a little much for our taste, but they get the point across.

The song just might be stuck in your head all day after watching it – thanks Val!

– Anne and Tim

Let’s Get Visible video from VACC, Momentum Magazine and B:C:Clettes via Val.

5 responses to “Val thinks you really need to see this

  1. I don’t know, a fake bikini in the reflecto stuff over the regular cycling clothes might just be the surprise that keeps us all alive!

  2. The best part is that it looks like someone with some design and sewing skills got hold of various nice reflective fabric in different colors and went crazy creating some very stylish tops and other garments. More, please! Good looking clothes that show up in the dark are so much nicer than “highway patrol” vests, and would be cool on the dance floor, too!

  3. what do you mean “fake,” Janet? Didn’t you see my disco-ball speedo when I rode into the office this morning?

  4. If only the French had seen that video last year, this law could have been much more interesting:

  5. I, for one, am TOTALLY diggin’ on those reflective “short-shorts”. They would certainly make my commute more, uh, interesting!! 😉

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