Fixing our Roads? Check out this Sightline Video

This Sightline video is worth a 44 second watch. Tim and I were once two of those 76 people in cars sitting on 520 in traffic every day. We carpooled but we still drove across SR 520 twice a day to our jobs on the Eastside. I’m so glad those days are behind us. During his most recent job search, Tim pretty much ruled out working on the Eastside (those traffic memories are painful). Sitting in 520 traffic in a stinky car sucks. Bike commuting six miles rules.

I do love the bike lane at the end of the video. Do you think it will ever happen?

– Anne

3 responses to “Fixing our Roads? Check out this Sightline Video

  1. In Delhi, India….government is segregating bus lanes from rest of the road….to cut travel and navigation time for buses. Thus encouraging ppl to take buses.
    Bike lanes have to happen soon, considering oil crossed $143 a barrel

  2. Bike lane across 520? I think that the first time I noticed and contributed to a campaign for that was in…um…was it 1978?…or 79?…one of those years, anyway. This is what it means to live in “one of America’s most bike freindly cities” – 28 years of lobbying can’t get a bike lane across the lake. What I really love is that lately the advisory commisions have managed to fund studies that prove it can’t be done for engineering reasons. The bridge is not physically capable, apparently, of supporting a separated bike and pedestrian lane. They will, of course, make more room for cars. I guess it could happen that we will be able to ride legally across the 520 bridge someday, but by that time, my grandchildren will probably be in wheelchairs.

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