Fourth of July Cargo Bike Ride

Val sent us the info about the Fourth of July Cargo Bike Ride. Sounds like fun. Meet in Pioneer Square at the Pergola – First and Yesler @ noon. The ride will commence at 12:30. Details here.

We’ll probably wander down and ride part way. We have Fourth of July plans so we won’t be able to linger. Hope to see you there.

– Anne and Tim

10 responses to “Fourth of July Cargo Bike Ride

  1. We’ll be looking for you! This is one ride that usually winds up fairly early in the day, as most folks want to do other Fourth stuff. It’s always fun, though, and all are welcome!

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  3. I meant to tell you that Aaron asked me to invite you guys to this when I was in on Monday for new handlebars for my bikey! Me, I’m going to Canada in true patriotic fashion, but have a blast!

  4. Would like to join you all, but we’ll have to miss this one. Maybe next time.

  5. Still looking for a good bike trialer option myself (that’s how I got to this site), so I won’t be making this one this year. But I’ll definitely give you some blog love – sounds like a cool event!

  6. Jay: By all means, find yourself a trailer, but don’t let the lack of one keep you away. We frequently beef up our numbers with hipster fixie kids who can only carry what fits in the pockets of their stonewashed jeans (they’re so cute). Usually we have enough food that we need extra souls to help us finish it up, so we don’t have to haul it home. Come on out – you won’t regret it!

  7. How was it and whar’s the pics?

  8. I was gonna do a whole post about missing the ride but I didn’t get around to it this weekend so this comment will have to do.

    We arrived at the Pergola late and the group had already left. Bummer. The friendly bike security guard tried to relay the message with the planned route – we rode down to Spokane Street via Alaskan Way but we couldn’t find the group and didn’t know the route so that’s where we turned around.

    We will catch you next time – please tell us to arrive 30 minutes before everyone else ; – )

    Val or Aaron – will you post a link to some pics?

  9. Sorry about that, Anne – we didn’t leave until 12:30, but maybe we should have waited a bit. This time, we saw the value of letting someone new organize an existing ride. We began by heading to Uwajimaya for supplies, and then took the new trail that runs parallel to the Light Rail tracks. I had not even known such a thing was there, so that was cool. Then under the viaduct to the lower West Seattle Bridge, which might have been a good spot to catch us. That’s okay, we’ll do it again on Labor Day – see you then! I haven’t found too many pictures yet, but some can be found here (down a bit): Ride on!

  10. Funny. We were hungry and Tim suggested stopping in Uwajimaya – maybe we would have run into you there?

    Oh well. It was a lovely day and we did ride on 4th of July – ours was just a cargo ride of 2 but better than staying home.

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