Big Loads, the Friendly Competition

Bulging FreeLoaders
Tim and I are engaging in a friendly “big load” competition. We both know Tim is bigger and stronger and can carry more but it’s still fun for me to pretend I’m in the running. (Ah it’s the little things that keep marriage interesting).
Trader Joe's Haul

The loads are really hard to gauge since we don’t have a scale that will register that much weight. So our method for determining who is the burliest Xtracycle grocery shopper is how much we spent at Trader Joe’s. I hauled $205.68 back in January. Tim’s latest load was $209. I’m pretty sure he bought more wine and cheese and other expensive stuff than me so I know I’m winning. ; – ) Maybe we need to bring in a neutral third party to be the judge?

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day in Seattle – I hope it’s nice where you are.

– Anne

5 responses to “Big Loads, the Friendly Competition

  1. I’m in Seattle too, and it IS gorgeous. Best morning since I’ve been back here.

    Thanks for this post. I’m trying to talk my wife into us buying an Xtracycle so that we can go totally car-free on our grocery shopping.

  2. Well, Tim DID bring me a new bicycle and TWO floor to ceiling bike racks to Anna at our offices, so he’s kinda my hero on the extracycle this week. Maybe there need to be multiple categories for this competition – most groceries, most unwieldy, dirtiest load, loudest (I’m assuming that’s the kids or maybe a new pet goat)…

    and shoo-ey it IS the most gorgeous day in Seattle I can remember – cruising along Alaskan Way this morning the sky was blue, Puget Sound was a remarkable cobalt, and the ferries and sailboats were reflecting a bright magical white – and ALL the mountains were out… bet that’s going to completely HOSE the commute for people in their cars today! “Sunshine slowdown,” anyone??

  3. I usually save the receipts and do a kind of weight tally — you know, quart = 2#, bulk items have weight listed, etc, Not quite sure what my record with the Big Dummy is, but I tend to haul cat litter with abandon now…

    and ah, Sunshine Slowdown…can’t wait to be on my bike again.

  4. The bike on bike and rack action.

  5. Anne and Tim, you always put a smile on my face! Via the Xtracycle! for my small part I am
    totally thrilled by the new cyclists, with out an Xtracycle that I have seen , biking to the grocers in West Seattle. Viva la Revolution!

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