My New Red Basket Rules

I love my new red basket

Tim spent a couple of hours last weekend lovingly painting my new front basket cherry red. It looks great. Tim, you do good work– and you’re the best.

I made up an excuse to take the new basket out for a test ride when Tim got home from work last night. A quick trip to the library and a stop at the store for a few things I didn’t really need did the trick. I have to say, it rules! I pulled up to the bike rack at Whole Foods as a twenty something guy was unlocking his bike. He gushed over my bike and wanted to know all about it and where he could get one. I’m sure he thought I was a bit kooky – high on the love for my new basket, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm for my Oma and European bikes in general.

Henry and Val were right, my dainty wicker basket just didn’t cut it. I knew it wasn’t practical, but for a few weeks I enjoyed riding a bike that was just for me to cruise around town and savored the fact that I couldn’t carry much. I have a mini van Xtracycle for hauling kids and stuff, it was nice to have my Oma for when I ride alone. However, with the dainty basket, I found myself taking the Xtracycle most of the time because it was just more practical to carry stuff.

New BasketThis basket is awesome. It comfortably fit two full bags of groceries and a six pack of Leffe Blonde–yum. It handled great too!

Now if we can just do something about the wind and the rain in June, I’ll be golden.

– Anne

10 responses to “My New Red Basket Rules

  1. A huge improvement – an American steel basket on your Dutch utility bike to carry Belgian beer! The little wicker jobbie can decorate something dainty like a Pashley.


  2. Welcome to the world of frame mounted baskets – now you can see why I love mine so much. All you need is a nice rainproof cover (does Tim sew, too?) and you’re all set for the summer weather to come.

  3. …as a matter of fact, I do sew. It’s not pretty but years of repairing “slightly damaged” employee sale leftovers back in the REI days means I know my way around an old Singer. Of course, the three year old pile of repairs next to the sewing machine shows I’m not so good at actually doing the work.

  4. I want some tires with the reflective stripey—are those the famous Schwalbe Marathons?

  5. Yes – they are the Schwable Marathons. We have the Big Apples on the Xtracycles.

  6. I love this bike and the red basket. Style with function! What could be better. I hate to admit it but while the transition to bike commuting has been largely about gas prices and exercise, it is fun to look good while saving money and time.

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  8. Melissa Miller

    I love the basket. May need this in black for the “red” one I just put a deposit on. Yee ha! Looking forward to meeting you one day Anne. Thanks for all the help.

  9. do you have problems with stuff popping out? because I’m looking for a basket, but its hard to find one that is bigger than the normal size, but will also fit securely on my bike. I also have a blog-, about cycling. If you could link, that would be great

  10. I have a bungee in the basket that keeps bags from flying out. You can also get basket net – they have them at Rivendell. My basket is a Wald, they come in a bunch of different sizes.

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