Bike-Ferry Commute Awesomeness

This is sweet. The volume of commuters is almost like something you’d see in Northern Europe. The video author says the state ferry system is thinking of bumping cars in favor of bikes because bikes generate more revenue per square foot of deck space. Makes sense to me—six or eight paying cyclists in the space of normally occupied by a lone driver is easy math.

Wasn’t it just last year they were saying passenger/bike ferries weren’t an economical option ? I guess they didn’t anticipate the impact of $125/barrel oil on the hearts and minds of SOV ferry commuters.

– Tim

via Greggscycles Plurk (-stream? -line? -uh…what is a plurk feed called?)

2 responses to “Bike-Ferry Commute Awesomeness

  1. Great to see. I can’t believe how blind people are to the financial potential of a bicycle oriented society.
    Yes we use less space and we require far less infrastructure. Imagine how it would transform our cities. Less speeding, noise, pollution and petrol stations; more space on the road, caffe’s, water bubblers, trees, social interaction, smiling …. 🙂
    I liked the honk as the last cyclist pulled away from the ferry.

  2. Awesome video thanks for sharing!

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