Dutch Bike Seattle: Good times, Good People

Riding the Dutch Bike Seattle Conference Bike on Ballard Ave

Saturday saw big Mother’s Day eve doings for Anne and Tim. We got ourselves a babysitter and pedaled across town for the Ballard Second Saturday celebration at Dutch Bike Co. Seattle. We had some reservations about going. Not because we didn’t think it would be fun, but because the last time we toasted with those folks we enjoyed the best time ever. Bikes, beers, high heels. You can read all about it.

The problem is, Anne has this rule about not trying to repeat a great experience—she thinks it’s like wishing for disappointment. But as you parents out there know, you don’t waste a babysitter. And it’s a good thing we didn’t; we had another excellent time.

Store owners Stephan and David and Julie are great people building a wonderful community while starting a successful business. They make everyone feel welcome and that shows in both the business and the party.

Once again we rode fun, practical bikes, talked to some interesting people, and stuffed ourselves with beer and brats. But the star of the evening—no surprise here—was the the Conference Bike.

You’ve heard us go on about the CoBi before, but this time I got to drive! For a good 30 minutes I piloted CoBi up and down Ballard Ave. I’m no Val, but it didn’t matter. There’s something magical about driving a 500 lb, bright red, seven-seat bike past rows of clubs, restaurants, and galleries. Everybody waves. Everybody takes pictures. Everybody is your buddy.

You’ve got to try it to understand. It really does change the laws of the universe. Cars lose their cool once you’ve done the Conference Bike. On Saturday people were hanging out of a Lincoln Navigator Limo taking photos of us CoBi pedalers. It was obvious the limo crowd would have taken a turn at the pedals in a heartbeat. We, however, had no desire to reciprocate with a turn in the limo. It’s that awesome.

In case you can’t tell, I highly recommend a CoBi adventure. Take it out with your friends or rent it with your coworkers and do a picnic lunch at the locks. It’s a lot cheaper than taking clients to Rays (and more fun, too). Or just head on down to Dutch Bike Co. Seattle and wrangle yourself to an invite to their next extravagaza (I hear rumors of a polka band next time around). Just do whatever you need to get on the CoBi and see the world with six of your new best friends. Because once you do, you have an experience worth repeating.

– Tim

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