Seattle One Less Car Challenge

Tim and I are taking the One Less Car Challenge sponsored by the City of Seattle. We originally applied back in November when we sold our Saab but had some trouble with our contract being received.  It’s all good now and we’re set up with the program. We agree not to replace the car for a year. I really doubt we’ll ever replace it so it’s not super challenging for us. But we’ll take it anyway.

The One Less Car Challenge provides $600 worth of Zipcar use within a 6 month period. We also get a Cascade Bicycle Club membership and a Bicycle Alliance membership. We still haven’t received the Zipcar benefit – but we probably won’t use it that often so we’re not worried. We should be all set on Zipcar in the next month. I am curious about Zipcar so I think I’ll at least try it – (it is free after all including gas and insurance – we love free stuff). They have a couple of cars within walking distance to our house. They even have trucks if you need to go to the dump or haul compost or do other truck-worthy things.   

The One Less Car website says the program is closed until March 31st, 2008 because they’re updating their program. If you live in Seattle and you’re so inclined, take the challenge when the program becomes available again. Read the rules first – there are a lot of them!

 – Anne

3 responses to “Seattle One Less Car Challenge

  1. Might have to look into, but not sure. Already member of BAW and Cascade.This is our 3rd year of only owning one car. Now we’re trying to go completely careless. Sure would like to know what you think of Zipcar. The Stranger ran a very critical article about them two weeks ago.

  2. Marge – Good for you! I’m sure it feels really good. I’ll let you know how we like Zipcar. We probably won’t use it very much but it will be nice to have if we need it.

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