Awareness Test (yes, you should do it) Video

There’s no good way to tell you to take this test without giving it away, but trust me. You should follow this link and take the test. And tell your bio-diesel Suburban-driving neighbors to give it a whirl, too.

By the way, it’s OK to skip the intro, but unlike my spoilsport wife, you should really try to count. Thanks to my pal Kathleen for the link.


6 responses to “Awareness Test (yes, you should do it) Video

  1. Great video, even if it does duplicate a previous one: Now I can’t wait to see the next one, with real traffic!

  2. Oh, I feel like a schmuck! Oh well, still a cool video.

  3. neighbor bashing? please elaborate! I hear that giant bio-diesel beast motoring up 27 ave at least 12x/day.

  4. Excellent example of blindness! Yes yes yes! I totally missed the moonwalking bear!
    I have forwarded this link to our local bicycle network and will circulate it amongst the Bicycle Users Group at work.
    We need to be more visible and looked for at the same time.

  5. I was blown away when I realize that I hadn’t noticed the bear!!

  6. I totally missed the bear and after a second review, one of the passes the white team makes is right over the bear’s head. D’OH!

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