Power to the Pedal Design Competition

I just read a post on the Dwell Blog about a biking accessory design competition sponsored by DESIGN 21 – (Social design network committed to improving life through social design):

This competition calls for a biking accessory or add-on for existing bikes that would improve the bicycling experience and encourage more people to make biking their primary means of transport – more convenient, more enjoyable, safer and more integrated into daily lifestyles.

Do you have anything? Anyone? I personally have got nothin’, but I’m not super creative. And I’ve already made cycling my primary mode of transport so I’m all set there..

This is another example of promoting style and design to reach different segments of the population and encourage more people to get out of their cars and on to bikes.

Go bikey designers! Once the thing that is going to “improve the bicycling experience” has been out for awhile, I might even get one on Craigslist.

– Anne

2 responses to “Power to the Pedal Design Competition

  1. I think you folks already have two of them on your bikes – that’s how you can haul the kids, yes? I suppose new stuff is good, too, but the XtraCycle is the most dramatically useful accessory I have seen yet.

  2. So true, Val. We really don’t need anything else. A woman stopped me on the way to school this morning to check out the Xtracycle. I told her it would change her life and she’d wonder why she didn’t get one sooner.

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