Cargo Cycling and the Slow Movement

sloth photo by pierre pouliquin at flickr -cc

First there was slow food, now it’s apparently slow design. Cargo cycling is inherently slow so it seems we’re just in time to jump on the slow bandwagon.

The slow movement is perfect for our family – we’re slow in general (just ask our friends and family). Sometimes our friends eat before they come to our house for dinner – because they know we’ll be eating late. What’s the rush anyway? We prefer to appreciate everything about life: take each day as it comes, enjoy the little things, savor time with our children as well as family and friends. I purposefully structure my life with lots of time for everything. I especially limit the number of structured activities my kids participate in – we all know how out of control that has gotten!

Slow cargo cycling is easy for us to embrace. Who cares if it takes a little longer to get there? I’m in no rush. I prefer to be out there pedaling to my destination — it’s a much more fun and pleasant way to get around than driving. I don’t care if I don’t get there fast. In fact most of the time I prefer it (except when I’m bombing down hills with the kids on the back pretending we’re on a roller coaster).

– Anne

photo by pierre pouliquin at flickr —

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