Sharing the Love for Bike Transportation

Title slide for “we like bikes” presentation

We gave a talk tonight at a company holiday party.  One of the principals was really intrigued by our bike lifestyle and asked us to speak. We have both done our share of presentations for work, but never on a topic we are so passionate about. We really enjoyed pulling the presentation together, not to mention our fifteen minutes. We weren’t sure how we’d be received – It went well and we met some great people who were supportive of our ideas. And we might have inspired a few folks too!

2 responses to “Sharing the Love for Bike Transportation

  1. I was at that talk and you guys really inspired me to get out on that bike come hell or high water! You guys had a great message and I went home and shared your story with my husband. Now I just have to convince him to get on that bike.

  2. Katie – Thanks! I’m glad you’re inspired. I enjoyed meeting you. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, give me a shout and we can go for a ride. Anne

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