Bike Lust, City Style

ANT Bike with Woody Rack

I love A.N.T. (Alternative Needs Transportation) Bikes out there near Baa-ston. I mean… I LOOOOOVE them. Mike and team harvests the best of the Dutch-Danish-French city-bike tradition as they deliver a stylish, updated ride, complete with with modern steel and components.

The full-custom bikes are running upwards of $3k and I’m sure worth every penny (and should you decide to take the plunge, I suggest the Light Roaster. Oooooh!). But get this, you can grab the nicely spec’d, Boston Roadster for a mere $1995. Sure, it’s a production version but production is used lightly here. I mean, it comes in 23 (!) sizes and is still handmade by Mike (of IF and Fat City fame, I should mention), ready to roll for all your urban exploits.

A bargain, I tell ya.

Now I’m sure a lot of people will disagree and say $2k is still too much to spend on a bike. I can respect that. Heck, with a little Craigslist luck you can score a $50 Schwinn LeTour ready to go all ninja on your transportation needs. I’m totally down with that. Go for it. Ride that bike and enjoy the crap out of it.

Call me crazy, but I’m also way down with spending money on handmade bikes that will last 30+ years. More bike craftsmanship in the world is a good thing. If you need a little mental accounting assistance, think of it this way — at $2k/each, you can still buy a three handmade A.N.T bikes and an assload of beer each year before you even approach the $8000/year Americans spend on car ownership.

Oh, and before anyone asks, no, my Xtracycle love hasn’t faded. It just that since we sold the Saab I feel like it’s really easy to justify my lust for more bikes. It doesn’t even feel wrong. Plus, this one’s got that sexy librarian thing going and you know how I feel about librarians.

And speaking of librarians, did I mention the racks and baskets? Just think how a couple volumes of the OED would look cruisin’ around on that Flatbed.

Jeez, Mike, you’re killin’ me here! Stop it already!

Oh, boy… Ok… Ok… I can resist


So, I’m dying here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one.


PS — interesting side note: If you Google “Ant” the bike site comes up 3rd. That’s pretty impressive considering all the ants in the world. A.N.T. bikes even ranks ahead of the Wikipedia Ant entry. Just allow me a little librarian geek out here for a moment, but WOW! Either A.N.T. has some whiz-kid SEOs or the world really digs the A.N.T. bikes. Either way, right on.

ANT Light Roadster

3 responses to “Bike Lust, City Style

  1. I don’t know, it seems sort of strange to shell out that much dough for a work bike that could get stolen just like that. Perhaps I’m not really one to talk as I use a Steelman for commuting, but I had it on hand and I don’t leave it sitting outside anywhere for very long.

    I’d probably invest in something a lot less expensive for a commuter if I couldn’t keep it somewhere safe while at work.
    That being said, ANT bikes are awesome and I sure wouldn’t ever turn one down. I’d be curious to see what kind of use/abuse the average ANT gets subjected to.

  2. it’s not the price that is off-putting, it’s the gearing. if velo routes is accurate I’ve got about 1,000 feet of elevation gain on my commute. (West Seattle to the top of Queen Anne) I’m not sure this would be the bike for me.

  3. I love that, Smudgemo. You’re riding a Steelman for godsake and you think the A.N.T. production bike is too expensive!??

    Seriously, I get your point. If I had to leave my bike outside I wouldn’t be riding the A.N.T. That’s what the Craigslist Schwinn is for.

    Marge — I agree about the gearing for your hilly use. As it stands think the 8spd Nexus would just barely work for me and I don’t have a lot of hills. I think you need an Xtraycle with a Stokemonkey!

    At the very least you’d need to step up to either the 14spd Rohloff hub version of the A.N.T. Roadster or move over to the one of their wide-range gearing offferings like the XO. I have to admit I’d try hard to make the single front chainring work for me — the idea of a chain guard is really calling my name.

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