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Kidical Mass, Halloween edition

Scary Thing and Kitty CatWe don’t have a great track record for Kidical Mass. We attempted a Kidical Mass ride in the Spring. But we never made it to the actual ride because we got completely utterly and totally rained out (literally).

We’re ready to put that experience behind us and do it all over again in one of the rainiest months in these parts.

Why, you ask?

Because riding with other families en masse is a life experience not to be missed.

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Xtra-spooky? Halloween, Xtracycle Style

Little Red Riding Hood (the six-year old) needed a ride to her Halloween party after school today. Xtracycles to the rescue. Here she is joined in the carbikepool by a ferocious dinosaur (our four-year old), and a friendly cowgirl from the bikepool.

Little Red Riding Hood and Company on the Xtracycle Bikepool
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