Xtra-spooky? Halloween, Xtracycle Style

Little Red Riding Hood (the six-year old) needed a ride to her Halloween party after school today. Xtracycles to the rescue. Here she is joined in the carbikepool by a ferocious dinosaur (our four-year old), and a friendly cowgirl from the bikepool.

Little Red Riding Hood and Company on the Xtracycle Bikepool
They want to go out trick or treating tonight on the xtras, but I have feeling walking will be much easier!

Some more bike pool photos:

A slightly costumed Mom and DinoMom and Dino and wig

Leaving School…

Leaving School on Halloween

Part of the CarBikepool (not everyday you see a dino on an xtracycle!)

The Halloween Bikepool

Good times!


2 responses to “Xtra-spooky? Halloween, Xtracycle Style

  1. Anne – you look great as a blonde!

  2. Thanks Martha – maybe I’ll dye my hair – goes well with dark eye brows!

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