Tree Haulin, Year SIX

We’re gearing up for Xtracycle Tree Hauling, year six! We plan to get our tree in the next couple of days and promise to post photos of year six later in the week. Not as cute as when the kids were little and riding on the Snapdeck, but still fun nonetheless.

For now, check out years 2007 – 2011. How the kids have grown! More blog posts and photos of all tree hauling adventures here and here

2007 Family Long Bike Christmas

2007, look how little!

Xtracycle Tree Haulin 2008: The happy family

2008, a dusting of snow

Xtracycle Tree Haulin 2009

2009, the year we froze

2010 Xtracycle Tree Haulin

2010, the year it rained A LOT

2011 Xtracycle Tree Haulin Family

2011, kids on their own bikes

This Mad Max-inspired tree hauling photo from 2008 is still one of the most-viewed photos in our Flickr stream. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. Icy Xtracycle Tree Haulin 2008

Happy Holidays, everyone. Looking forward to checking out your tree-hauling adventures.

– Anne

3 responses to “Tree Haulin, Year SIX

  1. It’s almost the year when they can carry the tree, right?

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