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Tree Hauling Year Ten.

  After TEN years, I don’t have much more to say about tree hauling by bike. Other than TEN YEARS! Wow, we really are old. The 13-year-old hauled the tree home, then immediately set off on his bike for an … Continue reading

Tree Hauling, Year Nine!

You might be (editor: probably are) bored of tree-hauling posts by now, but I’m not. And since this is our NINTH-annual-Christmas-tree-by-bike post, and I already have kids in middle and high-schools, you’ll have to suffer through another sentimental one. The … Continue reading

Eighth-Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin! (plus retrospective)

This is our obligatory eighth-annual Christmas tree by bike post. Tree-hauling is old hat by now, but I thought I’d post some photos of this year’s adventure anyway. You might remember that last year our daughter hauled the tree. When we … Continue reading

Tree Hauling, Year 7: Kids Hauling Trees

Happy Holidays! It’s time for our seventh-annual Christmas-tree hauling post. You’re probably bored of our tree-hauling exploits at this point. But it’s a tradition so we’re sharing anyway! Last year our friend, Charlotte, suggested that the kids need to start hauling … Continue reading

2012 Xtracycle Tree Haulin (6th Annual)

Year Six is D O N E. We all pedaled up to our local tree lot the other evening, chose a 8′ Noble fir and headed home. Simple, straightforward and almost no drama.

Tree Haulin, Year SIX

We’re gearing up for Xtracycle Tree Hauling, year six! We plan to get our tree in the next couple of days and promise to post photos of year six later in the week. Not as cute as when the kids … Continue reading

Fourth-Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin (plus retrospective)

We used to make a huge production out of the annual-tree claiming event. We’d load up the VW camper, grab a $5 (bargain!) Forest Service tree-cutting permit, drive up toward the snow for a while, and tromp around in the … Continue reading

Third-Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin’ Adventure

When the already short Seattle days end at 4:18 pm (the earliest of the year!),  the window for an after-school tree-gathering-family-bike adventure is small. We tried to grab the kids right after school, bundle them up in extra (or is … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoyed the holiday. We had a lovely day. A rare snowy week in Seattle has paralyzed the city and kept us mostly confined to the one mile radius around our house. I guess 27 snow plows aren’t … Continue reading

Second Annual Xtracycle Tree Haulin’

We pedaled up to the local tree lot over the weekend and picked up our Christmas tree. Although the novelty of hauling a large tree by bike has faded a bit, it was still pretty satisfying to pull up to the tree lot on our … Continue reading