Pacific Coast Bike Tour

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We’re getting ready to head out on our  Pacific Coast Bike tour. We still have lots to do to get ready for the trip but we’re slowly making progress. Gear is piled up around the house, the new tent has been seam sealed and we’re slowly checking items off our to-do list. Even if we have to stay up all night, we’ll eventually get everything done and be ready to roll out-of-town. Departure may be a few days later than we planned, but that’s OK.

Tim has been making more beer can stoves in hopes of finding the perfect design. They’re awesome little lightweight stoves, burn alcohol instead of gas and are perfect for bike touring. He made a few new ones this week and tested them in the kitchen. Why go outside or out to the garage when you have fireproof counters?

Go ahead, Tim, just light it up and create some open flames in the kitchen, Anne won’t care.

We haven’t decided if we’ll blog along the way. Since we’re riding two tandems this year instead of the tandem, Big Dummy and kid-bike combination like last summer, we’ll have limited space. We’re not sure if the laptop is on the approved packing list. Truth be told, I don’t know if I want to be connected during the tour, I’m looking forward to disconnecting and checking out for a bit. But Tim may not agree. If nothing else, he will most likely tweet and we’ll definitely post photos to Flickr along the way.

I do know, we’re all looking forward getting out-of-town and experiencing some adventure and challenge. The kids are even getting a little bit excited!

Stay tuned!

– Anne

7 responses to “Pacific Coast Bike Tour

  1. Tweeting and photos is enough! Go and enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Tom. I’m glad you agree! Tim has been weighing all of our stuff, the laptop would negate all of those ounces we saved on everything else.

  3. Have a fabulous trip and ride safe. Are you riding to the coast as well or boxing up and training some of the way? It’s just about as flat as a pancake from here to Westport through Cosmopolis and Elma. The Randonneurs have a nice route to the coast as part of the spring 400k and that should get you to Raymond.

  4. Thanks Brad! Look forward to some sort of family bike meet-up in August.

    We’re riding to Portland first (probably the STP route). Then over to the Coast and down 101. Final destination SFO.

    But flat as a pancake is tempting….hmmm

  5. Yeah don’t bring the computer. Enjoy it unplugged. Have a blast!


    Let me know if that link works. There will be a link with the route and map down to the ocean along some really nice roads. Even better, instead of taking the 3 to Shelton which is medium busy and has some rolling hills, take the last leg of the 400k route along Old Belfair HWY to the 106 and out to the 101. So in other words, use the last part of the route to Elma and then follow the first half of the route to Raymond so that you get to the ocean fastest. It’s then pretty flat on the Washington part of the coast. You will have a fantastic time regardless, but I’m not a fan of STP route except on STP day.

  7. I love biking!!!! my family bikes all the time.!!

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